Premium Master Switch & NAD+ Booster™



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(4) Powerful Independently Tested Ingredients
  • Boost energy by increasing NAD+ levels within 8hrs1
  • Eliminate "deep fat" by activating the Master Switch2
  • Control Insulin levels to promote & maintain a healthy weight3
  • Activate D1 & D2 dopamine receptors for elevated mood4

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Take 2 capsules per day upon waking with a glass of water or with first meal. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

What is the right dose of Master Switch for me?

The recommended dose of Master Switch is two (2) capsules per day. This dosage delivers the recommended amounts of each ingredient inside Master Switch. Some customers can take one (1) capsule per day if they want.

What time of day is best to take Master Switch?

Master Switch is designed to boost your energy levels and metabolism for the entire day. For that reason, many of our customers experience the best results by taking Master Switch in the morning right when they wake up.

How long does it take to “feel” the effects of Master Switch?

The answer is, “it all depends.” For some of our customers they start to feel the effects of Master Switch within hours. But for the majority, it may take 2 to 3 weeks for your body to start responding. If you smoke or drink heavily, it may take longer for Master Switch to “make up” for the NAD+ and AMPk depletion in your body.

Will Master Switch interfere with any drugs I’m taking?

Without knowing exactly which medications you’re currently taking, we can’t answer this question. That’s why you should always consult with your doctor before taking ANY supplements or vitamins.

Can I become addicted to Master Switch?

No. None of the compounds in Master Switch are habit forming. But many of our customers feel like they would be depriving their body by not taking Master Switch because of how healthy they feel after taking it.

Is Master Switch an appetite suppressor?

No. Some other weight loss products artificially suppress your appetite so you don’t eat as much. Master Switch does not do that. However, some Master Switch customers do experience reduced food cravings because their body is using their fat for fuel instead of relying on calories and energy from food.

Does Master Switch contain stimulants?

No. TeaCrine® is not a stimulant and does not have many of the negative side-effects of other stimulants like caffeine. In fact, TeaCrine® has been shown to reduce anxiety, it is not habit-forming, and even becomes more useful the more you use it.

What kind of capsule do you use for Master Switch?

We chose PlantCaps® encapsulate Master Switch because they are starch-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, vegetable origin, and non-GMO. Gelatin is most commonly used for supplement and vitamin capsules. But gelatin is often made from ground-up animal parts. PlantCaps® are made from tapioca and outperform gelatin capsules in preventing oxygen from leaking in and damaging their contents.