Premium Testosterone Booster



MSRP: $89.99   YOU PAY: $54.95

(5) Powerful and Natural Independently Tested Ingredients shown to: 

  • Improves your ability to build muscle (1)
  • Increase sense of well being and libido (2)
  • Increase Natural Energy (3)


Workout Days

Take 5 capsules with a glass of water, 1-2 hours pre-workout.

Non Workout Days

Take 3 capsules upon waking and 2 capsules before going to bed. 

For optimal absorption, all dosages of Premium Testosterone Booster should be consumed away from food, either 15-20 minutes before, or 60 minutes after meals. Usage of Premium Testosterone Booster should be cycled in a pattern of 6 days ON and 1 day OFF. If possible, the OFF day from Premium Testosterone should coincide with a non-workout day. If you don’t take days off, you should start now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Premium Testosterone Booster safe?

The ingredient profile found in Premium Testosterone Booster is has been carefully designed to naturally increase testosterone production without the unwanted side-effects of pro hormones or steroids. Odyssey Nutraceuticals takes safety very seriously, which is why we independently test every batch of all our performance products for label claim, heavy metals, banned substances, and adulterants with the BSCG Organization. Premium Testosterone Booster is suitable for a large percentage of healthy adult males. However, anyone under a doctors care for any medical issues should consult their doctor prior to using Premium Testosterone Booster or any supplement.

What’s the difference between Premium Testosterone Booster and Steroids?

Premium Testosterone Booster is a natural and herbal based product designed to increase our own bodies endogenous production of Testosterone. Steroids are synthetic and artificial hormones that are bio-identical to that which our body produces. When administered they directly increase our blood level of these hormones. This increases hormone levels far beyond their natural levels, which is the cause of many unwanted side effects such as hair loss, bloating, mood swings, weight gain, and an increase in estrogen, the female hormone. Premium Testosterone Booster avoids all of these side effects while still allowing the body to optimize its production of testosterone.

What are the main ingredients in Premium Testosterone Booster?

Our Premium Testosterone Booster's main ingredients are LJ100, Testofen, OptiZinc, Astragin, Bioperine, and Vitamin D.

Is Premium Testosterone Booster clinically proven?

Premium Testosterone Booster’s main ingredients are each proven clinically to modulate and increase the efficiency of one or more aspects of Testosterone production. Taken in conjunction, these ingredients address all aspects of natural testosterone production and usage in the body and allow for the true benefits of testosterone optimization to be felt.